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Fun & Creativity


Sensory Play Sessions: Where Exploration Meets Learning

At Sensory Escape, our play sessions are carefully crafted to ignite curiosity, promote development, and celebrate the joy of sensory exploration. Here’s why they matter:

  • Stimulating the Senses:  Our sessions engage all the senses—sight, sound, touch, smell, and even movement. Children dive into a world of textures, colors, and sounds, fostering a deeper understanding of their surroundings

  • Building Nerve Connections:  Sensory play helps wire young brains. As children immerse themselves in these experiences, nerve connections form, enabling them to tackle complex tasks as they grow.

  • Language Development:  Through sensory play, children learn to describe their experiences. They find words to express how it feels, gradually expanding their vocabulary and communication skills. Our play sessions are designed to empower your child's learning. Tactile activities like pouring, mixing, and building enhance their fine motor skills, preparing them for tasks like tying shoelaces and zipping coats.

  • Gross Motor Adventures:  Gross motor skills flourish when bouncing on a therapy ball or climbing through play areas. Balance, coordination, and physical confidence take center stage.


Join us for sensory escapades that not only promote growth but also spark wonder and creativity in your child. Let the exploration begin! 🌟

Guided Sensory Adventures & Explorations

  • Cookie Baking Bonanza: Join us for a hands-on baking extravaganza where little chefs can mix, roll, and decorate their way to deliciousness. Our Cookie Baking Bonanza is a feast for the senses, offering a delightful blend of textures, aromas, and flavors that will leave your children full hearts and cookie jars!

  • Sensory Play Wonderland: Dive into our Sensory Play Wonderland, where children can explore a world of sensations with our carefully curated sensory bins. Filled with materials like rice, sand, and water beads, these bins are a playground for the senses, enhancing fine motor skills, cognitive development, and sensory integration.

  • Artistic Explorations: Unleash your child's inner artist with our Artistic Explorations sessions. From finger painting to crafting with natural elements, we guide children through various art techniques that encourage creativity, sensory awareness, and a whole lot of messy fun!

Art Class

Sensory- Friendly Field Trips:

Explore, Learn, and Thrive Field trips are a highlight of the school year, and at Sensory Escape, every child should be able to participate fully. Our sensory-friendly field trips are thoughtfully designed to accommodate children with sensory sensitivities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the excitement of learning beyond the classroom.

Why Choose Sensory-Friendly Field Trips with Sensory Escape? Because we offer an inclusive environment that considers sensory needs, making field trips accessible for all.


This is not just a trip; it's an opportunity for your child to explore, learn, and thrive.

  • Inclusive Environment:  We create an environment that considers sensory needs, making field trips accessible for all.

  • Reduced Overwhelm:  Sensory-friendly accommodations help minimize sensory overload during new experiences.

  • Supportive Staff:  Our trained team ensures that every child feels comfortable and supported throughout the trip.

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